Healthcare practitioners find headaches to be one of the most commonly addressed complaints.  Most often the headache is other a tension head, migraine or a cervicogenic headache.

Headache of a young woman

Tension headache – these headaches have a close connection to physical or emotional stresses. They are often associated with tight muscles in the neck. The pain if often described as pressing or tightening over the side of the head.

Migraines – in 70% of cases these headaches are usually only felt on one side of the head. They a generally quite severe and cause a throbbing or aching pain. There may be other symptoms with the headache such as light/noise sensitivity, nausea/vomiting, and flickering zig-zag lines may be seen.

Cervicogenic headaches – these headaches are caused by pain that is being referred from the neck to the head. The pain usually lies at the base of your skull and is often dull and aching.